The health benefits of fermented foods

The health benefits of fermented foods

We do so much to destroy our gut microbiome and little to build it up!

There are several internal & external factors that can influence the composition of our gut bacteria and in turn, our wider health including:

  • antibiotics

  • non- steroidal anti-inflammatories

  • the oral contraceptive pill

  • a standard western diet

  • alcohol

  • dental work

  • infections and diseases

  • moulds

  • yeast

  • opportunistic bacterial overgrowth

  • pollution and other environmental toxins

….all these factors have a negative impact on our gut microbiome.

Recent research has shown that chronic stress will reduce beneficial Bifido species (one of the most important types of bacteria) in our gut!

What do beneficial flora do for us?

Functions of “good bacteria” in our gut include:

  • assisting with absorption and digestion

  • maintaining the health and integrity of our gut

  • vitamin production

  • detoxification

  • protecting us from invaders

Kombucha ferment

Fermented foods for better gut health

When we consume fermented foods, we are consuming beneficial microbes.

As these beneficial microbes make their way through our gastrointestinal tract, they assist us to digest, absorb and assimilate the foods we are eating.

This is particularly important when:

  • we are stressed, when our gut microbiome is adversely affected

  • during and post antibiotic use (when levels of beneficial microbes can be adversely affected)

  • as we age because our digestive fire is not as strong

  • when our gut is dysbiotic - when our higher levels of opportunistic microbes are interfering with our digestive processes.

How often should you eat fermented foods?

The beneficial microbes from fermented foods will make their way out of our gastrointestinal tract, just like our food waste does.

This is why it is vital to consume fermented foods daily, to reap their digestive benefits as they move through our gastrointestinal tract.

Ready to introduce ferments into your diet?

An online fermenting workshop to help you easily create your own ferments at home.

Via a series of eight short videos, and a downloadable recipe book, you will learn the tremendous power of probiotic foods.

How to introduce fermented products into your diet

How to introduce fermented products into your diet

The difference between store bought & home-fermented products

The difference between store bought & home-fermented products