Home-Grown Fermentation


A self-paced, video series designed to help you make your own fermentations at home!


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with Certified GAPS and MINDD Practitioner, Jacinta O’Connor.



Fermenting is an art. It takes time to perfect!

I have created an online fermenting workshop designed primarily for those first starting out learning how to ferment, and for those on their GAPS journey.

Via a series of eight short videos, all less than 5 minutes, and a downloadable recipe book, you will be introduced to fermenting from your own home.

You have unlimited access to these resources to increase your fermenting repertoire, at your own pace!


8 recipe video’s + book demonstrating how to make the following ferments:

Jacinta O'Connor Fermenting Workshop
  1. An Introduction to Fermenting

  2. Sauerkraut 

  3. Beet Kvass

  4. Dill Carrot Sticks

  5. Dairy Yogurt

  6. Kefir and Dripping Whey

  7. Sour Cream or Crème Fraiche

  8. Coconut Yogurt


BONUS RECIPES: You will also receive Fermented Ice Cream (so delicious!), GAPS Milkshake and Fermented Vegetables inside your downloadable recipe book.


With this program, you will:

  • Gain insight into the tremendous power of probiotic foods, the quantities you should be introducing initially to assist in managing the ‘die off’ response from probiotic foods.

  • Manage ‘fermenting overwhelm’ , creating just one ferment to begin with. Getting that ferment sorted, incorporate it into your lifestyle, and then introduce your next fabulous ferment!

  • Understand fermenting starters, what they are, when they are needed, plus which ones to use and when.

Start your Fermentation Journey Now

$19 AUD

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