Mould Part 3: The emotional side

Mould Part 3: The emotional side

There can be another side to moulds, apart from the physical. The emotional side.

This was pointed out to me, by an amazing Social Worker and ‘Story Weaver’ who I refer clients to, Donelle Smith.

When Donelle and I were discussing moulds and the enormous impact the biotoxins have on people, she said to me,

“So who or what took their light away? Moulds prefer darkness”.

With that ‘Ah Ha!’ moment I realised that many of my clients with mould issues, have experienced significant trauma (acute or chronic) in their lives.

Sometimes this trauma, like the mould exposure, dates back years and their health has been declining ever since.

Mould and emotions

We should remember trauma is different for each person, so what I feel to be traumatic for me, may not feel that way to others.

Donelle has been instrumental in assisting people to use their story to propel them forward, and create a new story with them.

This is incredibly powerful.  Often people with ill-health have, over time, shrunk their lives, reducing friends, family, hobbies, studies, work etc., as ill-health took over.

To complicate matters, those adversely affected by moulds often feel that others do not understand or believe just how unwell they feel nor do they appreciate that moulds can cause such potent health issues in a person. There can be issues around the the cost and willingness to carry out remediation work in the family home, particularly when there are doubts by others in their family that are not so adversely affected by moulds. As genetics play a role in one’s ability to clear biotoxins, one member of the family may be very significantly impacted, while another may have little or no issue living in a home with mould. This scenario further impacts the mould-affected persons emotional wellbeing.

Addressing the emotional and spiritual side is extremely important to healing.

Donelle Smith is located south of Perth and can be contacted on 0402 715 419.

Next, we will look at the link between some moulds and oxalates, and how this impacts your health. This will be of particular interest to those who have lower back pain, particularly on waking, and/or urinary issues such as repeated night urination, not fully voiding – go back to urinate 15 minutes after you just went!, urgency of urination or frequency of urination that does not make sense. 

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